New crop circles south of Ammersee in Bavaria, July 26th 2014

Already the Brothers Grimm distinguish in their translation of Thomas Crofton Crookers “Fairy Tales and Traditions of the South of Ireland” (CROKER 1825, GRIMM 1826, Chapter IX) between two phenomena - the fungus caused green rings of lush growing grass and the patterns of flattened plants:

"Circles trampled into the dew grass can be found beside of Scotland also in Scandinavia and Northern Germany and everybody shouts: ‘This is where the fairies danced!’ On the Isle of Man one could find the traces of their little feet even in the snow.

Later we can find a further connection to today’s crop circles when it is said that those Fairy Circles only appeared during the night:

”(…) but it is the very first beam of light of the rising sun that makes them end their dancing and to hide again.”

In his work “Elementargeister” (Elementary Spirits) Heinrich Heine wrote: “Dancing is very typical to the spirits of the air. They are of such an aetheric nature that where they danced in circles, their fine and delicate little feet left only faint traces in the grass. These are the imprinted circles that are called “Elve Rings”.